Control systems

Control systems

StyresystemOur Ice-Rakes can be delivered with different control systems, depending on the purpose of the plant:






  • Simple control system
    A simple control system for delivery of ice on command. When ice is required, the control starts a delivery sequence, and the Ice-Rake delivers the ice. This type of control is mainly used where the delivered ice quantity is to be weighed.


  • Linked control system
    The delivery system is linked to the production equipment. Ice-Rake controls the production of ice based on the stock in the silo. Ice-Rake is also able to even out the content during production in order to make optimum use of the silo.


  • Control system Europe
    Europe is the complete control system, where Ice-Rake is linked to the production equipment. This ensures optimum distribution of the ice in the silo, and an even, uniform delivery of ice. A control panel at the delivery point identifies the user, and the user indicates the desired ice quantity to be delivered. The control system also has an invoice module with a customer file. All data are collected in a SCADA program with a user-friendly interface.

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